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Macabre mp3 download (57 tracks)

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Album: Murder Metal mp3 download

Year: 2003
Artist: Macabre
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Macabre - Murder Metal album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Macabre - Acid Bath Vampire.mp3 6.56 Mb download
2. Macabre - Youre Dying To Be With Me.mp3 4.81 Mb download
3. Macabre - Fatal Foot Fetish.mp3 3.78 Mb download
4. Macabre - The Hillside Stranglers.mp3 2.90 Mb download
5. Macabre - Dortheas Dead Folks Home.mp3 2.06 Mb download
6. Macabre - The Iceman.mp3 4.86 Mb download
7. Macabre - Poison.mp3 3.30 Mb download
8. Macabre - Werewolf Of Bedburg.mp3 7.92 Mb download
9. Macabre - Morbid Minister.mp3 2.59 Mb download
10. Macabre - The Wustenfeld Man Eater.mp3 5.58 Mb download
11. Macabre - Diary Of Torture.mp3 3.97 Mb download
12. Macabre - Jack The Ripper.mp3 7.30 Mb download
13. Macabre - Fritz Haarman Der Metzger.mp3 22.61 Mb download

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Album: Behind the Wall of Sleep mp3 download

Year: 2002
Artist: Macabre
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStar

Macabre - Behind the Wall of Sleep album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Macabre - Fishtales.mp3 2.14 Mb download
2. Macabre - Behind the Wall of Sleep.mp3 4.56 Mb download
3. Macabre - Slaughter Thy Poser.mp3 2.64 Mb download
4. Macabre - Freeze Dried Man.mp3 4.69 Mb download

Album: Sinister Slaughter mp3 download

Year: 2002
Artist: Macabre
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Macabre - Sinister Slaughter album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Macabre - Night Stalker.mp3 2.52 Mb download
2. Macabre - The Ted Bundy Song.mp3 1.60 Mb download
3. Macabre - Sniper In The Sky.mp3 2.24 Mb download
4. Macabre - Montreal Massacre.mp3 1.74 Mb download
5. Macabre - Zodiac.mp3 4.49 Mb download
6. Macabre - What The Hell Did You Do.mp3 2.59 Mb download
7. Macabre - The Boston Strangler.mp3 1.43 Mb download
8. Macabre - Mary Bell.mp3 0.90 Mb download
9. Macabre - Mary Bell (Part Two).mp3 0.95 Mb download
10. Macabre - Killing Spree.mp3 1.66 Mb download
11. Macabre - Is It Soup Yet.mp3 1.59 Mb download
12. Macabre - White Hen Decapitator.mp3 3.01 Mb download
13. Macabre - Howard Unrah.mp3 2.97 Mb download
14. Macabre - Gacy's Lot.mp3 2.82 Mb download
15. Macabre - There Was A Young Man....mp3 2.60 Mb download
16. Macabre - Vampire Of Dusseldorf.mp3 3.25 Mb download
17. Macabre - Shotgun Peterson.mp3 3.36 Mb download
18. Macabre - What's That Smell.mp3 3.62 Mb download
19. Macabre - Edmond Kemper Had A Horrible Temper.mp3 3.09 Mb download
20. Macabre - What The Heck Richard Speck.mp3 2.51 Mb download
21. Macabre - Albert Was Worse Than Any Fish In The Sea.mp3 1.84 Mb download

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Album: Dahmer mp3 download

Year: 2000
Artist: Macabre
Quality: High
Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Macabre - Dahmer album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Macabre - Dog Guts.mp3 9.56 Mb download
2. Macabre - Hitchhiker.mp3 10.29 Mb download
3. Macabre - In the Army Now.mp3 4.35 Mb download
4. Macabre - Grandmother's House.mp3 7.08 Mb download
5. Macabre - Bloodbank.mp3 6.76 Mb download
6. Macabre - Exposure.mp3 6.66 Mb download
7. Macabre - Ambassador Hotel.mp3 11.40 Mb download
8. Macabre - How 'Bout Some Coffee.mp3 5.76 Mb download
9. Macabre - Bath House.mp3 5.56 Mb download
10. Macabre - Jeffrey Dahmer and the Chocolate Factory.mp3 2.98 Mb download
11. Macabre - Apartment #213.mp3 7.76 Mb download
12. Macabre - Drill Bit Lobotomy.mp3 4.84 Mb download
13. Macabre - Jeffrey Dahmer Blues - Neil Kernon.mp3 7.24 Mb download
14. Macabre - McDahmers.mp3 4.45 Mb download
15. Macabre - Into the Toilet With You.mp3 5.03 Mb download
16. Macabre - Coming to Chicago.mp3 4.69 Mb download
17. Macabre - Scrub a Dub Dub.mp3 9.95 Mb download
18. Macabre - Konerak.mp3 5.46 Mb download
19. Macabre - Media Circus.mp3 1.07 Mb download
20. Macabre - Temple of Bones.mp3 4.89 Mb download
21. Macabre - Trial.mp3 6.10 Mb download
22. Macabre - Do the Dahmer.mp3 4.67 Mb download
23. Macabre - Baptized.mp3 4.48 Mb download
24. Macabre - Christopher Scarver.mp3 7.03 Mb download
25. Macabre - Dahmer's Dead.mp3 1.61 Mb download
26. Macabre - Brain.mp3 3.80 Mb download

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Album: Gloom+6 Bonus Tracks mp3 download

Year: 1989
Artist: Macabre
Quality: High
Rating: StarStar

Macabre - Gloom+6 Bonus Tracks album

Track listing:

No. Title Size
1. Macabre - Embalmer.mp3 5.43 Mb download
2. Macabre - Trampled To Death.mp3 5.17 Mb download
3. Macabre - Holidays Of Horror.mp3 3.92 Mb download
4. Macabre - Fritz Haarmann The Butcher.mp3 3.76 Mb download
5. Macabre - Evil Ole Soul.mp3 0.87 Mb download
6. Macabre - Harvey Glatman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot).mp3 4.29 Mb download
7. Macabre - Mcmassacre (James Huberty).mp3 1.97 Mb download
8. Macabre - David Brom Took An Axe.mp3 4.40 Mb download
9. Macabre - Cremator.mp3 4.97 Mb download
10. Macabre - Nostradamus.mp3 1.49 Mb download
11. Macabre - I Need To Kill.mp3 1.79 Mb download
12. Macabre - Ultra Violent.mp3 4.26 Mb download
13. Macabre - Rat Man.mp3 6.41 Mb download
14. Macabre - Hey Laurie Dann.mp3 4.35 Mb download
15. Macabre - Patrick Purdy Killed Five And Wounded Thirty.mp3 2.91 Mb download
16. Macabre - Exhumer.mp3 4.15 Mb download
17. Macabre - Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones).mp3 3.74 Mb download
18. Macabre - The Green River Murderer (He's Still Out There).mp3 1.07 Mb download
19. Macabre - Funeral Home.mp3 7.80 Mb download
20. Macabre - Disease.mp3 4.78 Mb download
21. Macabre - Natural Disaster.mp3 4.15 Mb download
22. Macabre - What The Heck Richard Speck (Eight Nurses You Wrecked).mp3 6.28 Mb download
23. Macabre - Ultra Violent.mp3 4.97 Mb download
24. Macabre - Funeral Home.mp3 8.48 Mb download
25. Macabre - Mr. Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favorite Dish!).mp3 7.63 Mb download
26. Macabre - Fritz Haarman The Butcher.mp3 4.42 Mb download
27. Macabre - Killing Spree.mp3 4.51 Mb download

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Artist: Lil Wayne
Song: Single

Uh, Camo shorts and bubble Kush,
We can talk she'd rather fuss,
This and that bout such and such,
Damn where is the f-cking trust,
I'm tired of the hoop and holler'n,
I'm bout to take the boot to collins,
Uh, then take a female to the Island,
Uh then take her clothes off and do the honors,
Yeah now she hear I'm with them other b-tches,
Yeah, I told her mind her f-cking business,
Sh-t she prolly out chea f-cking n-ggas,
I'm f-cking her friends now her friends aint even f-cking with her,
Damn she text me all day and night,
So pissed off she aint even spelling sh-t right,
I text her back, tell her it's life,
Now somebody tell them hoes, I'm single for the night,

Yeah I'm single,
N-gga had to cancel that b-tch like nino,
I aint trippin on nothin,
I'm sipping on somethin,
And my homeboy say he got a bad b-tch for me,
And I'm single,
Yeah I'm single,
And I'm single,
Tonight I'm single
And I aint trippin on nothin,
I'm sipping on somethin,
And my homeboy say he got a bad b-tch for me,

[Verse 2]
Dreads braided to the back,
I'm chilling but my swag on full attack,
And my girl acting like a brat,
So when she call, I don't answer I just write her back,
She hate it when I do that sh-t,
And I when get home she go through my sh-t,
She call numbers back to see who that is,
Man I hate it when she do that sh-t,
Polo t-shirt, polo draws,
Now make me take this polo off,
Girl you can get broken off,
Yeah I f-ck you for an hour then I smoke it off,
Swimming trunks and bathing suits,
They go in the bedroom and tell the naked truth,
Don't wanna fuss, aint tryna fight,
Man somebody tell em hoes I'm single for the night,


[Verse 3]
Uhh, now she got on her f-ck em dress,
And I got on my double breast,
Uh, and he been fussing all day with her,
And I make her feel special like a place kicker,
She wanna be weezy f baby sitter,
Say she wish she could cut my d-ck off and take it with her,
I say hold on,
She say she just playing,
Then I falls in that p-ssy like quick sand,
Uh, hot sex and cold wine,
She left that n-gga hanging like a clothes line,
I cut my phones off, both lines,
It's bout to get nasty, pork rinds,
She came hard both times,
We both say we single,
And we both lying,
We both wrong but it feel right,
Put your hands up if you single for the night,
Put your hands up if you single,


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